I have lived in 7 states, 10 cities, and 28 different homes. Ever-shifting environments influences practically everything in my life - art-making, relationships, new routines, old routines, research, music, food, culture, etc. Some of my belongings have been packed and then unpacked (both literally and metaphorically speaking) nearly every 16 months of my life. Those things I hold onto are the constants in my unintentionally fickle lifestyle... the new surroundings they settle into are the variables. Finding (or creating) familiarity in unfamiliar settings is so routine for me that it's almost comforting, yet change is taxing and frightening, and the uncertainty of outcome can sometimes induce more tension than I care to foster. My catharsis? Making art disguised as analytical assessment (or is it the other way around?) 

I am a printmaker, but more so in the unconventional and conceptual vein. My interests home in on the process behind making multiples, the history and documentation of a mark, and the inevitable and inherent uniqueness of... well... everything. I am a monoprint and monotype printmaker - meaning I make unique prints. The matrices have the potential of being printed in a more visually consistent manner, but I invite disruption during the process of transferring an image  - whether it be intentionally or unintentionally. By exhibiting multiple variations of the same matrix together as a suite, or by disclosing the process of creating an image, the uniqueness of each print and evidence of impossibility of exact replication becomes glaringly present.